The Garuda

Garuda – Sanskrit for “Eagle” – is a mystical humanoid bird that soars through history with an enthralling connotation. This ancient symbol of strength and swiftness takes flight in the Indian military through the elite Garuda Commando Force, masters of covert operations behind enemy lines. Eons ago, during India’s Golden Age under the Gupta Dynasty, the regal Garuda made the Royal Flag soar high. Today, the Garuda’s majestic presence graces Hindu and Buddhist temples globally, while proudly representing Indonesia and Thailand’s national identity. In the tapestry of Asian culture, The Garuda remains a venerated emblem.

Tale of The Garuda

According to Hindu lore, the tale of the Garuda takes off with Rishi Kashyapa, who wed several daughters of Daksha Prajapati, including Kadru and Vinata. Following years of blissful matrimony, Kashyapa granted each wife a boon. Kadru requested a thousand formidable offspring, while Vinata desired her children to bring strength and radiance to the world.

However, as centuries passed and Kadru’s bond with her serpent children deepened, Vinata’s impatience grew. She prematurely hatched one of her eggs, giving birth to Aruna, who forewarned her of the consequences of her impatience. Consequently, Vinata refrained from hatching the other egg, and Aruna later became the charioteer of the Sun God.

One fine day, Kadru and Vinata made a bet that Kadru fraudulently won. Vinata then became ensnared in servitude to her sister due to this deceitful act. In time, Vinata’s second egg hatched, and a radiant, powerful, and mighty bird emerged. He sought to free his mother from servitude and approached Kadru, who asked him to bring her the pot of nectar from heaven in exchange for their freedom. The son then embarked on this challenging mission. On his journey, he met the Valakhilya sageswho, upon witnessing his unparalleled strength, blessed and named him Garuda, which means “one who can bear heavy weights.”

When he reached heaven, Garuda encountered various celestial armies and traps guarding the pot of nectar. Triumphantly soaring past all obstacles with his inconceivable ferocity, he eventually reached the pot. While returning, he crossed paths with Lord Vishnu, who observed that he had not taken a single drop of the nectar for himself and realized that Garuda was only bringing the pot to free his mother. Impressed by his devotion towards his mother, Lord Vishnu granted him a boon to become both, Vishnu’s vehicle and his emblem.

Meanwhile, in a feeble attempt to hold Garuda back, Indra threw his fearsome thunderbolt at him, which had no effect whatsoever on the mighty Garuda. However, as a mark of his profound respect for Indra’s might, Garuda graciously cast a sole resplendent feather in response. Impressed with his determination, Indra forged a pact with Garuda, and later, the pot was safely returned to heaven while Garuda devoured his Snake brothers. Since then, The Garuda and snakes have been sworn enemies. Garuda remains dedicated to Lord Vishnu, wearing various Serpent – Gods as his ornaments.

Bolster you Home Decor with a Mighty Garuda Sculpture

According to a multitude of legends in The Garuda Purana and various other sources, The Garuda is a symbol of protection, loyalty, liberation, and perseverance. Featuring a Garuda Sculpture at home not only accentuates the living space, but also complements and highlights the presence of these qualities in your lives.

Placing The Garuda in your humble abode is a gesture of invoking the divine protection and blessings of Lord Vishnu. Moreover, his animosity with snakes symbolizes purifying your home from negativity, eliminating evil, and shielding yourself from the harmful influence of your adversaries. The Garuda’s majestic presence in your home even inspires you to reach new heights of productivity and creativity.

With this notion at the forefront of our thoughts, Studio Trataka is proud to introduce you to an assortment of Garuda Bird statues. These Sculptures are painstakingly hand – crafted through the age – old sand casting technique that transforms molten metal into remarkable shapes. It commences with a simple sand mould embracing an intricate pattern. Like a sculptor’s chisel, this mould takes form around the pattern, capturing its essence. Then molten metal is poured into the mould and left to solidify. The mould is then broken, unveiling the newly cast metal creation, awaiting the final flourish.A blend of pure artistry, alchemy, and craftsmanship shapes these gleaming works of art.

The Garuda serves as an ideal statement piece for your home entrance or foyer. It wards off negative energies from entering while making a bold décor statement. Flaunt the biggest Garuda Statue we offer on your garden or patio, adding a unique touch of aristocracy to the landscaping. Consider placing it under a gazebo to shield it from direct sunlight or rain.

An alternative option is to adorn your living room wall with a pair of Garuda Sculptures. Pick the silver – coloured Aluminium Garuda Sculpture or the golden – coloured Brass Sculpture depending on your home decor aesthetics and personal design preferences. This addition will become a captivating centrepiece, sparking engaging conversations with your guests.

Furthermore, the small FRP Garuda pakshi statue offers the flexibility of colour customization for its wings. Create a breathtaking ensemble that can adorn your staircases or tabletops with sheer elegance through a collection of these captivating Garuda sculptures.

This glorious being, with its wings outstretched and talons ready to seize the essence of wisdom, breathes life into your workspace. Its fierce determination reminds you that every obstacle can be overcome. Furthermore, in your meditation or prayer room, the Garuda sculpture assumes the role of enlightenment and protection from distractions.

With each glance, The Garuda serves as a constant reminder of your inner strength and the unyielding resolve that propels you forward on your path to greatness. This mighty eagle, a masterful blend of art and metallurgy, will stand as a majestic decor statement and a testament to craftsmanship and creativity in your nest.

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