Qutub Candle Stand : A Diwali must have

As Diwali looms around the corner, almost every Indian household is bracing itself for the ardours spring cleaning journey up ahead. However, along with all the exhaustion of scrubbing, Diwali also brings with it a reason to upgrade your home decor game amidst all the sweets, pakwaans, gifts, celebrations, and home visits! While it might understandably be hard to part with a few outdated and worn-out possessions, it is the only way to make room for state–of–the–art masterpieces that reflect the latest trends. After all, staying ahead in the lifestyle game holds a significant amount of sentimental value for people around the World!

Deepawali  – A Series of Lights

When we talk about Deepawali, popularly known as Diwali, the first thing that comes to mind is “Deep”. Be it the death of Narakasura caused by Goddess Laxmi, relieving people from his torture and allowing them to restart lighting lamps outside their homes, or the return of Lord Ram when people illuminated the streets with a series of Diyas – whichever reason you choose to celebrate Diwali, it is incomplete with a “Series of Lights” in and outside your homes. And to hold these diyas or candles, you will find yourself in need of a spectacular candle holder votive.

Contemporary Candle Stand Designs

Fortuitously, there is a rich tradition of handicrafts in India based on candles, including the creation of intricately designed candle holders or stands. Candle stands have come a long way from their humble beginnings as simple holders for candles. However, they continue to play an important role in both functional and decorative lighting, offering a wide range of options to suit different tastes and interior design preferences. Contemporary designs in candle stands help enhance the aesthetic appeal of candles during festivals and special occasions. Many artisans and designers have embraced candle stands as a form of artistic expression, producing unique and visually striking pieces that are considered works of art in their own right. One such remarkable piece – of – art is the magnificent Qutub Candle Stand.

Qutub Candle Stand – A Diwali Must Have!

Almost every culture around the World has a powerful and meaningful relationship with the lighting of candles. Keeping this in mind, Studio Trataka is thrilled to introduce its one–of–a–kind Qutub Candle Stand, inspired by Qutub Minar. Located in New Delhi, India, the Qutub Minar is an iconic monument renowned for its remarkable architectural design and construction. It is considered a masterpiece of Indo-Islamic architecture and represents the fusion of different architectural styles, including Persian, Islamic, and other Indian influences. The minaret’s distinct features, such as its intricate carvings, calligraphy, and use of red sandstone and white marble, make it an architectural wonder. Its significance extends beyond being a mere monument; it is a living reminder of the rich tapestry of India’s past and the enduring legacy of its history, architecture, and cultural diversity.

As a tribute to this Architectural Marvel, Studio Trataka proudly presents you with the perfect home decor / gifting article this Diwali – the Qutub Candle Stand Set. These solid aluminum sand – casted candle holder pillars flaunt a raw and rustic look, reminiscent of their muse. They are intricately hand-made with the utmost love and care by dedicated artisans. Sand casting is a time-honoured and meticulous centuries-old process that involves a delicate dance between craftsmanship and precision, as artisans embark on a journey to transform humble grains of sand and molten aluminum into a beautifully detailed and durable candle holder. The process requires skill, patience, and an unwavering commitment to quality, seeing as each step demands absolute dedication and hard work. First off, a cavity is created on the sand with the Minaret pattern. Then hot aluminum is poured on the sand mold, which retains the imprint of sand after cooling down, giving it the coarse look that mimics the Qutub Minar’s character. While the Silver candle stands are then carefully hand polished, the Jade Green and Azure Blue stands are flawlessly tinted with color, and the Gold and Copper stands are meticulously texture colored to provide you with a perfect and unique piece every single time.

This innovative Qutub Candle Stand decoration is the epitome of the creativity and artistic expression of our local artisans. Available in various sizes and colors, this 4 – piece candle holder set can be used in homes, restaurants, and hotels to create a cozy and warm ambiance and enhance the aesthetics of any space. These unique candle holders are sure to serve as symbols of celebration, kindle romantic ambiance, provide sensory comfort, pay homage to important ceremonies, and enhance any home’s decor. The candles that they hold will cast a gentle and enchanting radiance, bringing delight to all who encounter them.

Be the Change you want to See – Light up the path towards a Better Future!

With the World constantly moving towards automation and mass production, using these hand-crafted candle holders this Diwali means that you will be actively contributing to the preservation of our rich cultural heritage. Promoting the handicrafts of local artisans is not only about economic support but also about boosting sustainability and fostering a sense of community and pride. It is a means to create a more vibrant, diverse, and inclusive world that values both tradition and innovation. Take this opportunity to be the Change you want to see in the World – be the Spirit of Diwali!

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