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  • Aevum Wall Clock

    Aevum wall clock is a perfect blend of two very different materials, wood and metal. The metal thal created by the thathera artisans of Jaipur city, give it the desired royal feel which the city inherit in itself.

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  • Aevum Wall Clock – Copper

    The Aevum wall clock epitomises an exquisite fusion of two distinct materials, namely wood and metal. Crafted by the skilled Thathera artisans of Jaipur, the meticulously designed metal thal imparts a regal essence, mirroring the inherent royal charm embedded within the city.

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    Gold Leafing is an age old traditional craft practise, where gold is hammered into thin sheet. Using this craft technique we created a modern design of geometric forms with the traditional gold leafing craft also known as Wark in hindi.

    Muster Wall Clock is handcrafted in wood and brass. Keeing the uniqueness of the craft and materials our designers have tired to do justice to the design as well. Hence, creating an art with purpose.

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