Klei Collection – A New Beginning to the Coming Year                                                  

Nestled amidst the vibrant charm of Jaipur, there is an amicable nook where discerning design aficionados encounter pure delight. It is a place that lets you slip into the soul of Rajasthan by giving life to its beautiful tales of a bygone era, combining them with the stories of the present and of the future. It not only enlivens functional products that are showcased as pieces of art, but it also provides a purpose to the passionate artisans who work tirelessly to bring these wonders to life. This haven that harmoniously integrates heritage with novelty is none other than Studio Trataka.

At Studio Trataka, each work – of – art is meticulously crafted with functionality in mind, blurring the line between creativity and utility. Bespoke mid – century modern furniture designed to embrace your living space, lighting fixtures that create a mesmerizing ambiance, and home decor items sculpted to perfection

every piece is an invitation to delve into elegance, to experience authentic artistry, and to dwell in nobility.

And today, reminiscent of the mushrooms found in the wild, we proudly present to you The Klei Collection. As Studio Trataka strives for excellence while being a sustainable business, The Klei Collection, made entirely from naturally occurring materials, is our latest tribute to Mother Nature. The understated elegance of the organic shape of button mushrooms makes this collection an aesthetically pleasing work – of – art that creates a unique and memorable living space.

The Klei Collection – An Ethereal Object D’Art

Terracotta has come a long way from its humble beginnings over millennia ago as simple figurines and vessels found in various parts of the World. In Asia, terracotta has enjoyed immense popularity over the years, beginning from the Indus Valley Civilization. Remains of terracotta figurines, seals, and even sanitation pipes found from Mohenjo – daro and Harappa civilizations

demonstrate the immense versatility and durability this material holds. Studio Trataka is delighted to give an all new meaning to this enduring and wonderfully charismatic material through The Klei Collection.

The show – stoppers of this wood and terracotta accent furniture are the chic terracotta legs that have been intricately hand – crafted by local artisans. A fusion of form and function, these legs are a statement piece that add balance and beauty to the bench and stools. They are a creation that align with our nature – friendly mindset, and the pledge to unite sustainability with functionality and charm. And as an added benefit, these smoothly curved terracotta legs make the stools and foot – stools look ethereal and are sure to make your guests do a double take at the decor!

The sturdy structure and strong base of this rustic wood and terracotta furniture is intricately draped with pure art. The warm and inviting ambiance created by terracotta, combined with wood, fabric and brass, accentuates any living space by adding depth and a visually appealing interplay of the seemingly contrasting elements. The entire collection is an ode to Mother Nature, praising the innumerable shapes and forms that it exhibits. While lustrous wooden slabs hold a plush cushioning on the top and the terracotta legs at the bottom, the cherry on top – or rather at the bottom – are the brass accents at the base of the legs! If you are an art enthusiast and wondering where to buy captivating wood and terracotta furniture, you need not look any further than Studio Trataka!

Welcoming the New Year with Style

Every New Year symbolizes fresh beginnings and it is an opportunity for all to start anew. As we embark on a new year, let us take a moment to reflect on our impact on the environment over the last year and make up our minds to do our part to create a more sustainable future for our children. This New Year, let us resolve to make our lives more sustainable and to give back more to Mother Nature than what we have taken. Contrary to popular belief however, this does not require drastic lifestyle changes but rather making conscious day – to – day choices that collectively make a significant difference.

With its soft edges and a flowing form that transports you to the realm of pure grace and absolute delight, The Klei Collection is a statement wood and

terracotta furniture set that is a flavourful feast for the eyes. Crafted from the most exquisite wood and lovingly entwined with the bold elegance of terracotta, fabric and brass, this set becomes the embodiment of functional art and an orchestra of aesthetic delight that elevates the very essence of your living space. The Klei collection is more than just a collection of seats; it represents our conscious approach towards design innovation that prioritizes social responsibility and the environment, shaping a better tomorrow for the human race. Studio Trataka is thrilled to provide our woke consumer base with strikingly exquisite, viable and timeless pieces – of – art like this latest wood and terracotta furniture that works great even for small spaces.

In the grand scheme of things, every piece of furniture tells a story and ours is a tale of sustainability, responsibility, and a commitment towards a harmonious coexistence with Mother Nature. The mesmerising Klei Collection, along with all the thoughtfully crafted objects d’art of Studio Trataka contribute towards a future where art and application seamlessly intertwine, creating spaces that not only ignite the senses but also leave a hopeful echo for generations to come. This captivating Klei Collection – a Mid – century modern wood and terracotta furniture set – is yet another luminous feather in Studio Trataka’s cap.

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