3 Stunning Light Decoration Ideas For Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights that fills an inside and outside area with beautiful lights and fireworks. There is not just a single way in which light can be used to decorate the house; it offers a stunning look to the house. It will fill the life and house with warmth, light, and love. Now we will search for the Diwali light decoration home ideas that will make the festival a memorable one.

1.     Candlelight Diwali

Using candles on the occasion of Diwali will not only light up the house but even have special significance in the lives of people. The arrangement of the candles is done in various ways like around the flowers and even to decorate the Rangoli that a person frames at a specific time. To add aroma to the place addition of the scented candle will be a good choice.

2.     Lighting With Lanterns And Petals

Having a new and attractive design of the lights will be like an attraction for people who visit the place. The decoration is neatly done with the help of the glass and copper lanterns of different shades that offer a complete festive look to the area. If you wish to give an elegant look to the house then placing candles in small glasses will work out to be best.

3.     Table Makeover With Light

Do you have a coffee table at your place? To offer it a fancy look you can plan for its makeover by adding candles and oil lamps.  You can place the copper or the silver bowls on the table and fill them with attractive flowers. Placing the tea lights inside the bowl will also work as they will be floating in nature.

There are a lot of options available for decorating the house with the help of lamps. You can choose the option that is offered with another level of attraction.

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